Become a new Board Member?

Nowadays there are so many ways to get involved – especially for the YWCA or other NGOs. Maybe you are the type of person who would like to get involved in a local or national project. That’s totally okay. But what about contributing to the worldwide YWCA movement in Europe? Your YWCA is located in Europe. Your local YWCA is also a Member Association of the European YWCA.

The European YWCA is a common vessel for almost all YWCA located in Europe. The European YWCA meets every two years for the General Assembly to discuss commonalities but also differences of all member organizations and to find a common denominator. In the context of a pre-assembly before the business meeting (where the statutes are voted on, elections taking place, defining the workplan etc.), there are discussion rounds on various topics, which are coordinated by the board.

A further component of the board’s work is the networking and sensitization of women-specific topics. Contacts to individual partnerships are cultivated by the board members and attention is drawn to topics on various social media channels. And there is so much more space to get involved – campaigns, projects, panels – if you have something on your mind, share your ideas !

Help us to shape the YWCA outside of your country and contribute your ideas !

GA2020 in May will elect a new Board. Think about it. Maybe you could be one of our new Board Members?

By the way, mentioning a board membership is making a good impression in a CV and working in a board helps you to expand you skills in different areas as cooperation, expression of your opinion and acceptance of others, organization, lobbying etc.