Being on the Board – possibilities and expectations

The European YWCA is a small Organization with a small budget. That’s why we use to say that the European YWCA Board is a “working Board” and every European YWCA Board Member has to engage and commit herself to the cause of the YWCA movement.

Being a member of the Board

Between GAs the European YWCA Board is the main decision making body and they meet either f2f or by teleconference, to discuss all matters occurring and actions to be taken. They co-decide and they co-act. It’s those five to eight women whose volunteering work implements the policies, activities, strategies and every other decision made at the GA and between GAs.

In other words, there’s a lot of work to be done and you can always do more. Like: organizing study sessions, searching and applying  for funds, attending events regarding women’s rights, being a representative to other Women’s or Youth Organizations, working with the social media and web page, growing the network between Member Associations and much more. The goal is to make the European YWCA a strong, effective and sustainable Association in order to unite and promote the YWCA movement in Europe and beyond.

To achieve all of this, a member of the European YWCA Board has to have some knowledge and experience on management and administration at a local, national or international level. Being on the Board of the European YWCA is a very challenging but also rewarding experience. It is a supportive environment where we all collaborate and help.

Role of the President or Co-Presidents

The President or the Co-Presidents of the European YWCA, except for presiding at each meeting, is/are the face of the organization and its official voice. They also perform all other duties together with the other members of the Board. It helps if they have experience in motivating people, delegating tasks, as well as sharing knowledge so the European YWCA can run smoothly.

Role of the Treasurer

According to the Constitution, the Treasure shall oversee the management of the funds of the European YWCA and shall present a report at the GA and the European YWCA Board at every meeting. However because of the size of the Association and its budget, the Treasurer may also be the finance administrator. In that case it’s important to have some finance, accounting, business administration knowledge. She should be able to keep track of affiliation fees paid or owed and invoices to be paid. She can also draw up a Balance Sheet and an Overview at the end of the year to be audited by an external authorized auditor. The main goal is European YWCA to be a financially sustainable Association and it runs smoothly with accountability and transparency beyond any doubt.

Being on the Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee supports and guarantees the future of the European YWCA. It’s those three to five women who make sure that all our regions, small or large movements have equal chances to participate in the Board of the European YWCA, thereby ensuring diversity.

The Nominations Committee motivates the Member Associations to suggest capable candidates for the Board and administers the process of elections at the following GA, thereby ensuring transparency and sustainability for the European YWCA movement.


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