European Youth organizations give a voice to young people

The EYF is the  platform of more than 100 youth organizations in Europe and it’s co-funded by Erasmus+ and the Council of Europe. The Youth Forum is an ideal opportunity for young people to immerse themselves in European politics and give young people a voice at international level.

The European YWCA is happy to be a member of the European Youth Forum (EYF). We are happy to send representatives to the council of members, to the official general assembly and also to let them be involved and elected into thematic task groups.

This year, Vera (Belarus) and Lois (Great Britain) attended several meetings.

Representative of EYWCA in European Youth Forum Vera Syrakvash participated in Task Force on Youth and Social Rights, 25-26 June 2019 in Brussels. Member organization representatives met in Brussels to discuss next steps on social rights. Task Force provided a space to discuss and develop the Youth Forum’s vision for the future role and value of work in lives of young women, and how to get there. By 23 of October, European Youth Forum will provide the final draft to EYWCA.

Vera’s experience in working on health, housing, taxation and pensions topics and women’s social protection, rights and well being and equality issues intersections contributed to collective experience and formation of concrete political demand.

EYWCA will continue to contribute further to shaping EYF political demands and the development of the Policy Paper on the Future of Work.


If you would like to get to know the European Youth Forum, we recommend that you visit the website to have a look and subscribe to the newsletter ( and participation opportunities will be advertised there. We will also put the calls for representatives for the next council of members and General Assembly for 2020 in our channels (Newsletter, Social Media). The representatives will work on the basis of some terms of references (guidelines) to represent the European YWCA.

If you have any questions about the EYF, please contact Board Member Rebekka